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Buying furniture for your home can be an expensive and daunting exercise, but there are plenty of ways to get the furniture you need for a lot less than what is available in stores, and with good quality too. Here are some tips for designing and making your own furniture.

1. Take photos, look at magazines, etc., and choose your living room, bedroom, dining room, and other stylish rooms. For the creatives among us, you have the freedom to draw on paper whatever you want, so it becomes your personalized signature piece.

2. Seek and find the services of a talented, honest (it cannot be stressed enough) and reliable furniture maker who can work within your budget (very important) to make the sofa, bed, dining table. and the chairs of your dreams, to name a few. Before choosing and choosing your furniture manufacturer, check them carefully first. Is it possible to see previous jobs they’ve built and find out from past clients if they’ve finished at the agreed time? if there were cost overruns and why? What if their product met the high standards they expected. You don’t need a nightmare experience. Do your due diligence!

3. Is this natural wood or artificial wood that you are using for the project? Real wood, cedar, mahogany, jatoba, etc., is more expensive than the artificial variety like superboard. Real wood will last for many years, and the synthetic type is not to be avoided, as your limited budget may not afford you anything more. Both look beautiful when made with style and structural integrity. So many Americans have artificial wood furniture in their homes, and many Jamaicans have it in furniture stores as well.

4. Measure the space (if possible) where you plan to install the unit once built, and build to those specifications.

While this article is all about saving money by supporting your local furniture manufacturing industry, please feel no less than the others that you cannot walk into an establishment and purchase the furniture you want. Truth be told, many multi-million dollar villas on the island, owned by millionaires and billionaires (local and foreign), have their furniture built by local traders in their respective regions – and they are so proud of it!

Barry Rattray is a designer and builder of dream homes. Email your comments to [email protected] and [email protected]


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