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ROSE HILL – Longtime Rose Hill company Frederick’s Furniture has recently been the target of repeated vandalism.

In the early morning / late night of Sunday evening November 28, a stranger smashed the windows of the store front. This is the fourth time in the past few months that the glass needs to be replaced, said Frederick Accounts Payable Clerk Wanda Raynor.

After this most recent incident, store owner Jack Frederick decided to offer a reward of $ 1,000 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible.

“There have been three or four other businesses that have been affected, but Frederick’s has certainly been affected the most,” said Rose Hill Police Chief Michael Tyndall. “It has now become every few weeks that someone breaks the glass over there.”

Both the police chief and Raynor said that so far, the store’s security cameras had not captured the incidents.

“We have cameras that detect when the glass breaks because they are activated by movement,” Raynor explained. “But we don’t pick up cars that are passing by or walking around or anything.”

Raynor added that the employees and the store owner don’t necessarily feel targeted as other businesses have experienced glass breakage as well, but it’s starting to get awkward.

“We had just had three glass panels and the front door replaced by a Goldsboro company,” Raynor said. “And two weeks later they were kicked out again.”

Each time the glass needs to be replaced, it costs Frederick about $ 1,800, she pointed out. He had to go to his personal account because the insurance only covers a certain amount of damage.

While no injuries have been reported because the vandalism occurs in the wee hours of the morning, Raynor said it was of concern because once the windows smash, the store is open to the elements – and theft. potentials.

“Of course these things are happening when no one is going to be here,” she said. “But the scariest thing is when the windows are smashed everything is wide open.”

So far, no evidence has been found indicating how the windows were smashed. “We didn’t find any bullets or pellets or stones or anything,” Raynor said.

No merchandise was stolen from the store either, which deepens the mystery of why someone would repeatedly target Frederick’s.

Since the store shared the reward information on its Facebook page, Raynor said there have been plenty of shares and comments, but no solid leads yet.

“We have had anonymous tips that turned out to be false, which usually happens when a reward is offered,” the police chief said. “We hope that someone will come forward soon, so that we can resolve this matter.”

Chief Tyndall said anyone with information about the vandalism should contact the Rose Hill Police Department at 910-289-3020 and leave their contact information so officers can track any relevant information.

The penalty for vandalism can range from a few days in prison and a fine to several years in prison, depending on the severity of the property damage.

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