Roadshow Antiques assistant holds back tears as she learns the truth behind the brooch she inherited from a patient


A CAREGIVER on Antiques Roadshow choked back tears after learning the truth behind a brooch she inherited from a patient.

In the classic episode of the BBC show, expert Geoffrey Munn met a lady who had brought a stunning diamond and ruby ​​brooch.


Antiques Roadshow caregiver was shocked to learn the value and meaning of a brooch given to her by a patient
The lady brought a superb Cartier brooch in diamonds and rubies


The lady brought a superb Cartier brooch in diamonds and rubies

She explained how she had received it from an elderly lady she was caring for, saying, “I took care of her for eight years and when she died she left me the contents of her house. in his will. And among the contents was this brooch. “

Geoffrey replied, “Well that’s a huge tribute to you in every way you can and the way you took care of her.

“She must have liked you a lot to do that because it’s a very nice request, isn’t she?

“There is no price for already knowing who did it, I think you know who did it, don’t you?”

The guest said he was told it was by Cartier, and he replied, “It’s Cartier and in the jewelry world Cartier is perhaps the strongest name to drop.

“Perhaps Cartier is the most famous jeweler of all.”

He then revealed that it was made around 1900 in Paris and had a special meaning, which the guest knew nothing about.

Geoffrey explained that the rubies were Chinese which collided with elements of ancient Greece.

He said: “The reason this happened is that it has a message that really suits your relationship with this lady because this brooch, like so many things we find in jewelry, is a message from ‘love – and that’s a very intense one. “

The lady was taken aback and said, “It’s so nice to hear” before Geoffrey said that rubies signify love in jewelry, while diamonds represent eternity, making the brooch a symbol of “love forever”.

Geoffrey then turned his attention to value and said if the item was part of a Cartier specialty sale it could fetch £ 10,000.

The emotional guest said, “Wow. She really loved me and I loved her too.”


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