PETA offers an “Urban Outraged” synthetic leather clothing line in “genuine human leather”


Animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) takes aim at clothing companies that use animals for their products, launching fake online store “Urban indignant” and wrap it with “real human leather” clothing. It’s a bogus online storefront, to be clear, so none of the horrible clothes can actually be bought.

Inspired by clothes found in Leatherface’s closet, the “Urban Outraged” line includes everything from jackets to belts, moccasins to dresses, with every faux garment sewn together from human skin. The idea, of course, is to illustrate how horrible it is to make clothes out of living things, with PETA making its point in PETA’s typically gruesome fashion.

“Humans make us who we are” is the slogan of “Urban Outraged”, and the store seems to be quite real at first glance, with individual pages for each product that even allow you to choose a size and add them to your own. bag. Once you’ve done that, however, you’re taken to an even darker side of the website, where real footage of animal abuse clearly shows PETA’s point of view.

“Why is it okay to breed sheep just to cut their wool?” »Asks the site. “Why is it okay to kill a cow for leather?” Why aren’t you horrified by what’s already in your closet? “

PETA explains, “Although Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People (all owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc.) do not remove, abuse or kill humans or other animals for their products, they do To do sell hide and other animal materials from farms and suppliers that exploit and kill animals.

“Every year, billions of animals suffer and die for the production of wool, cashmere, leather, down, mohair, silk and alpaca. Sheep are often beaten, trampled and kicked in the wool industry. Goats exploited for cashmere howl in pain and terror as workers tear their hair with sharp metal combs. They are later slaughtered in slaughterhouses and left to die in agony. And cows are regularly beaten and electroshocked for leather at some of the biggest suppliers. “

“All you have to do is stop buying animal products,” PETA encourages.

There’s even a part of the website called “The Afterlife Collection,” with “Urban Outraged” explaining that they can “turn your loved one’s skin into a handmade item you’ll treasure.”

Preview the Bloody Winter Collection Below! And below you can revisit the 2003 remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with our own weekly horror podcast Light Knight.


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