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Kochi: Admitting that all antiques with him were fake, so-called Kerala antiques collector Monson Mavunkal was not ready to reveal details of the stolen money to various people under the pretext of various transactions , including sales of luxury cars and antiques. .

The Criminal Branch will continue to question him on Friday as a court extended Mavunkal’s custody on Thursday. However, investigators said Monson did not fully cooperate with the investigation. In the meantime, Crime Branch DYSP S Sreejith has arrived in Kochi to assess the progress of the investigation. Up to four cases have been registered against him so far, including the disguised ‘Samskara TV’ fraud.

Former Monson driver Aji Nettoor, Constable Santhosh and plaintiff Anoop Muhammed were also questioned on Thursday. Meanwhile, Archeology Minister Ahamed Devarkovil has expressed willingness to examine all antiques if the police ask for help.

The 54-year-old was arrested by Crime Directorate police from his home museum here on Saturday after victims approached Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to complain that he was cheated of Rs 10 crore by this master “fraud”, who even took Kerala’s top police officers for a ride.

Such was his proverbial “gift of gossip” that those who are now in trouble include former state police chief Loknath Behra, additional director general of police Manoj Abraham, state congress chairman K. Sudhakaran , former Chief Secretary Jiji Thompson, among others, who all face music for their closeness to him.

Mavunkal took all of his distinguished guests into his fold by showcasing antiques in his collection which he said included the “Rod of Moses” and “two of the 30 pieces of silver that were taken by Judas to deceive Jesus Christ. “.

Police said he presented these “rare” items – a throne believed to have been used by Tipu Sultan, as well as a huge collection of old Qurans, Bibles (Old Testament and New Testament) and old handwritten copies of the Bhagavad Gita.

Mavunkal used to bring several VIPs to his lavish residence, part of which has been turned into a museum to house his “precious” antiques.

Currently in the custody of the Crime Branch, on Thursday its chief S. Sreejith arrived here to question him directly and said that three cases of cheating against Mavunkal had already been recorded.

Mavunkal also owns many high-value vehicles that are parked in her home here, while a few of her vehicles, including a 2007 Porsche Boxster model registered in the name of actress Kareena Kapoor, are currently parked at a police station. local of his district of origin. Alappuzha.

Meanwhile, according to sources familiar with the matter after being questioned by the Criminal Branch, Mavunkal told the investigative team that he was completely broke and had no more money with him because he led a luxurious life and needed a huge amount of money every month to meet his expenses.

In a related development, the name of a settled Italian Malayale lady also surfaced and her connections to law enforcement officials and Mavunkal began to appear in the media.


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