Marston Luce: Fine Antiques in the Heart of Georgetown


By Maddie Rennyson

“Elegant, sublime and humble” is how Marston Luce describes the antique store that bears his name. Located at 1651 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Marston Luce is full of unique decorative antiques that Luce collects himself. He has a house near Bordeaux, and is a frequent visitor to France, where he developed his fine art. From paintings and furniture to birdbaths and urns, Marston Luce is the destination for quality home decor.

Luce’s love for antiques began when he was studying to be an architect. He has always had a keen interest in historical art, and when he opened up to the world of antiques, his two passions met. “To me, all furniture is a form of architecture,” Luce told Georgetowner, and has been collecting and storing the store for forty years.

Luce finds most of his pieces in regions of France. “I use a lot of places”, explains Luce, including the big antique fairs in the south of France, the small markets called flea markets in the south-west of France and the Flea Market of Clignancourt which is a famous market. at the flea market in Paris. In addition to her own treasure hunts, Luce has eyes around the world with a vast network of vendors who are always on the lookout for items of interest.

Although Luce has a large inventory, he has always loved garden decoration. He likes to fill the store with bird baths, fountains, benches, urns and small plaques for the walls. Luce offers many different styles, from classical to baroque, and enjoys advising clients on how to beautify their garden. He also likes to find paintings and portraits, especially dog ​​portraits. His favorite items are paints, so he works hard to keep a variety of them in stock. During the holiday season, Luce is sure to bring gift items like small works of art and china, silverware and boxes. The store expects a new delivery this month, just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Marston Luce opened the store forty years ago and it’s his passion. He chooses his pieces with a keen eye and attention to quality. It’s “the best source of beautiful things in Washington,” he humbly says, and it should be a designated stop along Wisconsin Avenue. Any shopper in the area – from antiques fanatic to first-time decorator – can find their next eye-catching piece at Marston Luce.

A visit to Marston Luce.

Luce “also likes to find paintings and portraits – especially dog ​​portraits”.

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