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Malayalam actor Mohanlal is one of the most popular actors in the Indian film industry. With a career spanning over four decades, Mohanlal is also one of the richest actors in the Malayalam film industry. the Drishyam The actor is one of the most successful actors and enjoys a very aesthetically pleasing lifestyle, and his luxurious estate in Kochi, Kerala is a living example of that.

Mohanlal Viswanathan Nair’s house is located at Thevara in the center of Kochi in Kerala. The actor resides with his wife and daughter in his posh home. Although he also owns properties in other cities, his home in Kochi celebrates nature in its own way. Trees, aquariums, paintings and antiques, here is a glimpse of Mohanlal’s house in Kochi, Kerala.

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Malayalam actor Mohanlal summoned by ED in Monson Mavunkal money laundering case

Mohanlal used a lot of wood when designing the interior of his house. A segment of the house has a wooden pandal resting on intricately carved pillars. Moreover, as soon as you enter the house, one can see a giant wooden door after a veranda, acting as a passage between the greenery and the house of Mohanlal.

Take a look at the photos of the interior of Mohanlal’s house here:

Apart from his home in Kochi, Mohanlal also owns posh properties in Chennai, his hometown Thiruvananthapuram, Ooty, Mahabalipuram, a villa in Arabian Ranches and an apartment in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Mohanlal married Chitra in 1988. His wife is the daughter of famous Tamil film producer K. Balaji. The couple have two children – a son named Pranav Mohanlal and a daughter named Vismaya Mohanlal.

Meanwhile, professionally speaking, Mohanlal has appeared in over 350 films during his career spanning over four decades. He was also declared Kerala wrestling champion in 1977-78. He started his career with a small role in the unreleased 1978 film Thiranottam. He then made his screen debut in the 1980 film Manjil Virinja Pookkalwhere he played the role of the antagonist.

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Mohanlal will next be seen starring in Alone, Monster, Barroz: Guardian of D’Gama’s Treasure, Aries and L2: Empuraan.

]]> Disney launches new LGBT clothing line for children https://fewandfar.net/disney-launches-new-lgbt-clothing-line-for-children/ Thu, 19 May 2022 21:10:41 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/disney-launches-new-lgbt-clothing-line-for-children/
Members of The Walt Disney Company take part in the annual LA Pride Parade in West Hollywood, California on June 9, 2019. |

Disney has launched a new ‘Pride Collection’ clothing line for kids amid controversy surrounding the company’s reaction to Florida’s new parental rights in education bill and signaled efforts to include advocacy LGBT in its children’s programs.

The family entertainment company launched the new fashion line on Monday, featuring products such as sweaters, t-shirts, baby clothes and other items, all emblazoned with the rainbow pride flag that symbolizes the LGBT movement. The launch of the collection comes two weeks before the start of the so-called Pride month, which LGBT activists recognize every June.

Many products also include LGBT-themed imagery of iconic Disney character Mickey Mouse and the company’s Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar franchises. The company sells the items through its “shopDisney” online store, Disney retail stores and theme parks.

“The Disney Pride Collection was created by LGBTQIA+ employees and allies of The Walt Disney Company and reflects their incredible contributions and place at the heart of the business,” the company wrote in a statement announcing the apparel line. “We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ community around the world.”

In an opinion piece published by The Daily Citizen, Zachary Mettler, editor and communications officer for the Christian organization Focus on the Family, claimed that Disney was “targeting” children with an LGBT program.

“The new clothing line is just one part of Disney’s ongoing efforts to promote gender confusion among children,” Mettler told the Christian Post. “Children were not designed to bear the brunt of adult sexuality.”

He further suggested that Disney try to plant the idea in children’s heads that same-sex marriage is morally identical to a marriage between a man and a woman. He said the family entertainment company tries to teach kids that gender is malleable, which he says will “confuse” them and negatively affect them when they become young adults.

In its announcement of the clothing line, Disney pledged to donate all proceeds from the collection through June 30 to various LGBT activist organizations, including: Ali Forney Center, GLSEN, LGBTQ Center OC, Los Angeles LGBT Center, PFLAG National, SF LGBT Center, The Trevor Project and the Zebra Coalition.

Mettler sees this as a sign that the company has become more vocal about its stance on LGBT issues than in previous years.

According to Fox Business, the company has been producing Pride-themed clothing for kids every year since 2018, but previously donated only a small percentage of profits. This year, the company also renamed the fashion line from Rainbow Disney Collection to Disney Pride Collection.

“I think parents especially need to be aware of the content their children consume and ideally will proactively discuss these issues with them. In particular topics around sexuality and gender identity, so that their children know how browse the content that these organizations promote,” Mettler said.

On March 11, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek apologized to employees in a letter for not taking a stronger stance against Florida’s HB 1557 bill. The law prohibits teaching about sexual orientation and gender identity to students in kindergarten through third grade and requires schools to notify parents. about their child’s health services on campus.

Disney initially remained neutral on legislation that critics called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, changing its stance after criticism from employees and LGBT supporters. The company condemned the bill in a March 28 statement, saying it “should never have passed and should never have been signed into law.”

Weeks after the company first publicly criticized the bill, leaked video footage obtained by Christopher Rufo of the Manhattan Institute showed Disney employees discussing their efforts to promote an LGBT message in the company’s children’s programming. society.

During the reunion, Disney executive producer Latoya Raveneau praised the showrunners of the company’s “Proud Family” reboot for sticking to its “not at all secret gay agenda.” The spin-off of the children’s animated series introduces new characters, including a same-sex couple.

Franklin Graham, CEO of Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said Disney had “gone too far” in a Facebook post last month.

“What happened at Disney is a moral failure,” Graham insisted. “Walt Disney had a vision for wholesome family entertainment. He was committed to family. The morals of Disney’s corporate executives today are in the gutter, and they want to redefine family against the original God and display sin.”

Antiques: the tank truck is the precious cargo https://fewandfar.net/antiques-the-tank-truck-is-the-precious-cargo/ Thu, 19 May 2022 17:03:45 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/antiques-the-tank-truck-is-the-precious-cargo/

Content of the article

Q This truck was given to me in the 1950s when I was a kid. It is a “Minnitoys Imperial Esso” tanker manufactured by Otaco Limited, of Orillia, Ont. It is 69 cm long (27 inches) and 18 cm high (seven inches). I used to drive it like a cart when I was young. It has a few scratches and small dents, but it still has the original paint and decals.

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Content of the article

Rick, Brampton, Ont.

A Your great childhood gift was made by the Otaco company. During the 1950s and early 1960s they made a few other brands, including Supertest. The company was started in the 1940s starting with construction toys. The Otaco plant finally closed in the early 1960s. These large toy trucks are made of sturdy stamped steel – irresistible to children and hard to find in good condition today. This truck is a big part of the current auto-related collection frenzy. In its lightly used condition, it’s worth around $1,000 – new it would be more.

Silver cow creamer.
Silver cow creamer. Photo by Fourni

Q This silver cow creamer, owned by my mother, was brought from England around 1950 as a gift from her mother. According to family tradition, he could have originated in France several years earlier. It is about 10 cm long from nose to tail (four inches). He also has punches on his stomach.

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Content of the article

Jeanette, Milton, Ont.

A These silver cow creamers are valuable and quite rare. The punches are however apocryphal, that is to say invented. They do not match any registered hallmarks from any country, leading to looking at pseudo-hallmarks from Hanau, Germany. The silver content can range from 80% to 92.5% pure sterling silver. It’s a pretty piece with the fly resting on the back of the cow. It was made around the turn of the century. The idea for this type of silver cow creamer was introduced to England in the mid-1700s by Dutch silversmith Johann Schuppe. Your little guy is worth $1,000.

Pilot painting.
Pilot painting. Photo by Fourni

Q This oil painting by Robert Pilot of the Royal Military College at Fort Frontenac in Kingston was given to me by my father, who was a friend of the artist. It is in excellent condition, measures 30 by 41 cm (12 by 16 inches) and is signed and dated 1953.

Advertisement 4

Content of the article

Michele, Albion, Calif.

A Robert Pilot (1898-1967) was a prominent Canadian artist who was born in St. John’s Newfoundland, but spent much of his life in Quebec. Pilot was trained by his stepfather, the famous Canadian artist Maurice Cullen, and also spent time in Paris, France, where he was influenced by the work of Claude Monet, the famous French impressionist painter. Pilot is recognized as a master in the use of pastels. Pilot had a passion for painting significant historical buildings and his best work includes atmospheric elements, such as fog, snow or the subtle colors of dusk. Paints that include these elements tend to command the most money. This painting is nice, but it’s not particularly dramatic or atmospheric. Still, his work is highly sought after and is expected to be worth $6,500.

John Sewell is an appraiser of antiques and works of art. To submit an article to his column, go to the ‘Contact John’ page at www.johnsewellantiques.ca. Please measure your part, say when and how you got it, what you paid for, and list all identifying marks. A high resolution jpeg photo must also be included. (Only email submissions are accepted.)

* Appraisal values ​​are estimates only.*

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DIY trick to prevent cats from scratching rented furniture: “shiny” https://fewandfar.net/diy-trick-to-prevent-cats-from-scratching-rented-furniture-shiny/ Thu, 19 May 2022 15:39:57 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/diy-trick-to-prevent-cats-from-scratching-rented-furniture-shiny/

A woman’s DIY project used to stop cats from scratching furniture is considered a great idea on the internet, and people can’t stop talking about it.

The video revealing all the details was shared on TikTok on March 31 by TikToker @permablep. The post, which has garnered 8.4 million views and 1.5 million likes so far, is captioned:

“For all my cat owners who live in tiny places because the rent is too expensive, this is what I did to save space, money and my furniture. They stopped to even scratch cat posts because they like it more. Put some catnip in there for a little spice if you really want it.”

According to the Humane Society of the United States, cat scratching with their nails is completely normal, and it’s an instinctual behavior for them. They feel like scratching, and it’s an act done to express their emotions, a way to mark something with their own scent, or even a way to remove the dead parts of their fingernails. Sometimes they do it just to stretch, so it’s a widely expressed trait in cats.

The 27-second video showed the TikToker’s cat scratching its nails on a three-foot section of wall in a corner covered in beige carpet from Lowe’s. The carpeted wall reached at least four feet and there was also a socket near the cat.

The feline happily scratched with both paws as the TikToker talked more about the hack she came up with. “I’m not going to tell you what to do, but I’m going to tell you what I do, and I put carpet on my wall. And you know why I did that? It’s because it was only a little over five dollars because it was on sale at Lowe’s.”

The cat looked at its owner scratching as its owner talked about the viral carpeted wall.

“And it’s a tamper-proof hold, so no one is in danger,” the TikToker revealed. “And also, you can put it on a wall without a power outlet nearby. But my cats love it.”

The feline bit the carpeted wall while scratching it several times during the short clip, clearly having fun. The TikToker approached the busy cat using the wall as its personal scratching post, pausing to look at its owner and wading through the air with its mouth open at the same time.

“They stopped scratching all the fucking walls and other furniture, and I didn’t have much space because my space is really small,” the woman continued. “So they fucking love this thing. So go crazy. Put carpet on your wall. Who the fuck gonna stop you?” The cat began to walk away before the video was cut off.

In a comment, the TikToker revealed that she put the carpet on the wall with “a few small nails”, adding, “It leaves small holes, but I promise you they are easy to fix so your landlord doesn’t. ever need to know.”

A do-it-yourself hack to stop cats from scratching furniture is gaining praise online. Here, a cat scratching a post with its nails.

Over 7,600 comments were received on the DIY idea, and many people thought it was an awesome way to keep cats from scratching on things like expensive furniture. “Omg my cat would go crazy for this,” one TikToker admitted. “Look around to see which wall to wallpaper.”

Others praised the TikToker for its thoughtful idea. “You have a climbing wall for your kids (the cats), you’re the cool mom,” said one netizen.

A viewer thanked the clip’s creator, adding, “I don’t even have a cat, and I feel like I need a carpet wall.”

Some pointed out how much the cat seemed to like the carpeted wall in the clip. “The cat definitely went crazy on that wall,” one viewer pointed out.

People really seemed to approve of the DIY idea, and one viewer called it “so awesome”, adding, “I’m about to move into a little studio apartment, my cat would love it.”

Other appreciation comments included things like “That’s a great idea”, “Just a great and informative video, thank you”, and “This cat is having so much fun with the d**n wall.”

However, one viewer mentioned that it’s only an option for people who don’t have carpet for their floors. “Otherwise you are teaching your cats to destroy your soil,” they wrote.

Newsweek contacted TikToker @permablep for comment.

This isn’t the only viral video involving cats. A cat falling asleep in a bowl has a dotted Internet. A room full of wall-mounted cat shelves has gone viral. Also, a cat came home after hearing her kitten cry.

A Letter In Mind art fundraiser is back and needs your help https://fewandfar.net/a-letter-in-mind-art-fundraiser-is-back-and-needs-your-help/ Wed, 18 May 2022 07:00:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/a-letter-in-mind-art-fundraiser-is-back-and-needs-your-help/

In recent years, hospitals and NHS workers have come under severe strain. To give something back, both in terms of revenue and moral support, The National Brain Appeal hosts its annual arts fundraiser, A Letter in Mind. Artists, patients and supporters are invited to get involved by getting creative on an envelope and mailing it to the charity.

Once received, these envelopes will be exhibited at Gallery Different in Fitzrovia, central London, and will be sold on the charity’s online gallery from 3-6 November 2022. The works will be exhibited anonymously and each be priced the same at £85. It is only once the exhibition is over and the work has been sold that the identity of the artists will be revealed.

With high-profile names attracted to A Letter in Mind since its launch in 2014, bidders could potentially pick up works by Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin and Sir Anthony Gormley for £85. Plus, they can support all hardworking NHS staff and raise money for projects at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and UCL Neurology Institute in Queen Square, London. It’s a win-win.

Speaking of Seasoned A Letter in Mind veteran Grayson Perry, said: “Creating artwork on an envelope for the National Brain Appeal’s A Letter in Mind exhibit is a wonderful and simple way to show your support for the NHS. The charity injects an air of mystery and fun into the event, with the artist behind each piece remaining anonymous until their work is sold.

“It’s also accessible, with all parts priced identically at £85. The money raised is used to help people with neurological conditions and to support vital projects at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.”

Eva Tait, curator of A Letter in Mind, said: “Our ninth exhibition draws inspiration from all that we have missed in recent years, such as traveling to distant places, discovering new activities and traversing life in a world stimulating.

“Whether you feel change is in the air or prefer to take the theme at face value, we hope you’ll be inspired by this year’s focus on A Letter in Mind. We can’t wait to see how artists will show us what ‘A Sense of Movement’ means to them while raising vital funds for The National Brain Appeal.”

Do you feel inspired to get creative and support the NHS? If so, you have until September 30, 2022 to pick up an envelope, decorate it with your artwork, and post it on The National Brain. For more details on how to enter, read the instructions on the A letter in mind website.

An ‘Amazing’ Chance’s Clothing Project Decade for Founder | Keeper Cowra https://fewandfar.net/an-amazing-chances-clothing-project-decade-for-founder-keeper-cowra/ Wed, 18 May 2022 06:23:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/an-amazing-chances-clothing-project-decade-for-founder-keeper-cowra/

Chance’s Clothing Project (CCP) celebrated its 10th anniversaryand anniversary.

Providing support to families stricken by the tragedy of stillbirth, the project was founded in 2012 by Nikki Kiss, after her daughter Chance, for whom the project is named, was stillborn at eight and a half months.

Since then, the project has grown from local knitters serving Cowra Hospital alone to sending packs across Australia with over 200 knitters around the world.

Nikki said she was amazed at how far the project has come in just 10 years.

“When I first started I just wanted to see if I could get a few ladies to knit a few blankets, so we had some items for our local hospital because I’m so slow at knitting,” she said.

“But by the time the word got out, in March (2012) when I had had enough for Cowra Hospital and our auspice with the Cowra Information and Neighborhood Center (CINC) came along, I had actually had enough. items to go to the hospital in Bathurst and Orange .

“That was how fast it took off and it kept rolling.

“I was getting a message from someone in South Australia and they were saying ‘we need stuff at our hospital’, it just took off from there.”

In 2020, the CCP managed to contact every hospital in Australia, with 68% of hospitals (183 in total, 50 more than once) accepting their special packs of burial clothes and wraps.

Nikki said that over the past decade, she’s been surprised how often people have tried to create similar concepts, but haven’t had as much success.

“These ladies may be making so many little jackets all in the same size and they’re absolutely gorgeous, but a hospital may only need one every two years,” she said.

“So if a lady comes in and offers 20 little jackets, that’s too much of an item, and if they’re not packed properly, they can be put in the bottom of a bag or a draw and when they’re necessary, they do not look to the right.

“So I think one of the reasons for our success, and there’s a tremendous amount of integrity and reliability, is that we’ve been able to standardize something.

“With our individual, vacuum sealed packages, nurses can look at size, gender or if it’s gender neutral, they can check that it will fit before they even open the package and that it will be suitable for what baby.

“The hospitals that haven’t accepted (the packs) have been because they have a local CWA group supplying them, they only have a very small maternity unit that doesn’t need them or they don’t ‘have no maternity unit at all.’

Ms Kiss said that if she had known from the start how big the project would grow she might never have taken it on, but in saying this she said she was touched by the friendships developed by artisans and the messages of support she received from families. .

“It’s a huge responsibility and commitment and if you’re given these things right away, it’s too much of a pain,” she said.

“But it gradually grew and got bigger and bigger, so I learned to adapt and take on those responsibilities.

“It’s all surprising to me when I look at where it went and where it came from, but because I deal with it on a daily basis, I keep running with it.

“I sit and think ‘oh my God’, these people (the artisans) are traveling overseas, at least before COVID, and they were able to meet through Chance and develop this strong friendship.

“Then the hospitals and the families have all been extremely supportive and grateful, it never ceases to amaze me and that’s another reason why I kept doing it.

“Every time I speak to a parent, their story is unique and they want to be heard, understood and appreciated and their baby will not remember them.

“Over the past 10 years, I have had many personal stories, but each of them is significant.

“The day it gets a little jaded, I might not care but hopefully it never will.”

Ms Kiss said the strength of the project ultimately came down to the hours of effort artisans and volunteers had put in over the decade.

“I used to think of Chance more as a spoke-and-cog type concept, but I realized that I do so little but orchestrate now,” she said.

“It’s like an orchestra, if the volunteers didn’t do the work it wouldn’t happen, I’m just up there giving advice and instructions.

“They do all the work, I don’t think they realize how critical they are in all of this.

“They say ‘it’s just a little pair of slippers’ or ‘it’s just a blanket’, but that’s what they all do and it’s literally hundreds of volunteers.

“In Cowra we might only have eight to 10 people at the coal face, but we would have at least 20 volunteers all over town and then we would multiply that across Australia, so it’s literally hundreds of people who contribute.”

Ms Kiss said she looked forward to what the next decade holds for the project.

“We have reached a sustainable level and there are many things that I would like to see evolve,” she said.

“I would love to see us go straight to emergency services, go overseas, I really feel like we should be able to give back overseas, but the bigger issue is postage.

“We have a year’s supply in advance, which we realistically need and I’m amazed we’ve reached this level.

“I never saw it coming, I’m so grateful to CINC for allowing us to be their auspice.

“They gave us a home, a place where our packages can arrive, a place to have our volunteers so they can come to work at different times, giving us a home base and a family.”

Limited Handmade Batik Clothing by Malaysian Fashion Designer https://fewandfar.net/limited-handmade-batik-clothing-by-malaysian-fashion-designer/ Tue, 17 May 2022 05:32:31 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/limited-handmade-batik-clothing-by-malaysian-fashion-designer/

It is said that discovering yourself is the key to realizing your full potential. Growing up, Malaysian fashion designer Jeffery Goh struggled to find his own identity. At an early age, he saw himself as different and was often bullied as a result.

Art was his means of expression. “Designing was an escape for me as I could unleash my creativity and fantasies in my designs,” the artist said.

Now he’s able to do it full-time after creating his own line of batik clothing called inisaya, which means “it’s me” in Malay.

The elegant Mei dresses / Image credit: inisaya

make a name

After graduating, Jeffery embarked on his journey to find his place in the fashion world. Working with other fashion designers was her way of gaining the necessary visibility in the industry.

When he knew he had greater potential to start a business based on his creativity, Jeffery quit his day job to do it.

The budding designer thought he could create bespoke wedding and evening dresses. But when the pandemic hit, he realized it wasn’t an ideal plan to move forward, given the number of weddings postponed indefinitely as a result of COVID-19 SOPs.

Instead, Jeffery saw his chance to challenge the batik menswear category in Malaysia when he noticed that there was a serious lack of fashionable batik clothes for men in the market.

“Most batik clothes for men are just plain shirts with normal buttons,” he noted, and thought, “I would really like to introduce Malaysian culture in a more fun way, with variations colors and styles or modern ways, but still not too far from the silhouettes and cuts of our traditional clothing.

As clothing alterations became commonplace, Jeffery also wanted to include them in his services. Therefore, for a better fit, people who purchase inisaya clothing can expect free alterations and customizations.

Offer the greatest possible value

Jeffery explained that each garment is handmade. “By placing the patterns in the most effective and prettiest way to show off the prints, every piece of batik we produce is special in its own way,” he said.

To make the brand stand out even more, the designer said that he only buys a certain amount of batik materials and once the materials run out, they will not buy the same prints again, no matter how good they are. of sale.

“We want to guarantee exclusivity to our customers by producing less, and that also helps the environment,” he said. “We try to reduce waste by producing smaller batches, more exclusive and limited pieces so that each piece is unique, and also use the scraps to make pouches, bags and masks.”

Scrunchies and pouches made from leftover batik

Jeffery believes that every brand and every designer has a market. There must be qualities that attract the right group of people.

For inisaya, the size of her clothes is designed for men who prefer oversized clothes and for women who prefer adjustable clothes.

“We try to make sure that our clothes are suitable for all of our customers, and in doing so, we think of different ways to make clothes versatile,” the designer explained. “We’re not just catering to a niche group, but rather trying to be more inclusive of all shapes and sizes.”

I love the Wira top myself. The oversized look gives me a lot of room and mystery to my overall look. Not only does it hide most of my insecurities, but it also creates stylish silhouettes that differ depending on what you pair it with or how you accessorize.

My second day celebrating Raya with the top Wira

The inisaya team now typically creates between 20 and 30 pieces of each design, and sometimes even less, which shows their intention to create exclusivity.

A small but passionate team

The cost of running his business is not only monetary, but also time. “Most creations take about a few hours to draw, cut and sew,” Jeffery revealed. “When I was doing it alone, I managed to do over 50 pieces in a week, and that’s without getting enough sleep.”

Currently, the person helping Jeffery produce more fabrics is his production assistant, Ain, who joined the team to learn how the fashion industry works.

Meanwhile, Audrey, Jeffery’s assistant, assists him with managing social media accounts and does the majority of the styling for shoots.

Customers usually had to pre-order their clothes two to four weeks in advance. However, the team fulfills rush orders for an additional fee. These commands will be prioritized before dealing with other commands.

But even with such a lengthy process, Jeffery told Vulcan Post that there are still plenty of people who understand this and appreciate the craftsmanship of each piece.

Image Credit: inisaya

The main challenge for inisaya is production, which is expected to increase in the near future. Finding more people to join the team is also crucial for the long-term growth and viability of the business.

“Creating a piece takes time, especially when using batik/prints in general, as some designs require you to match prints to look better,” the designer said. “Also, due to the overwhelming orders and demands, it’s quite difficult to do much with limited manpower and time.”

Usually, the scarcity of a product causes most business owners to raise the price as demand increases. However, a price increase would go against Jeffery’s core values, as he wants his clothes to be accessible to as many people as possible.

People wearing inisaya clothes on CNY / Image credit: inisaya

Instead, he would focus on increasing the startup’s productivity. His strategy is to pre-cut the fabric pieces and outsource them to home tailors, single mothers and anyone else interested in taking up the offer. He strongly believes that by doing so, the economy would be given more opportunities.

Jeffrey hopes to find freelancers to take on some of the remaining responsibilities of inisaya’s operations, including social media marketing, inventory, logistics, customer service, and accounting, and learn from them as well.

Valuable lessons that couldn’t be bought

One of the most valuable lessons Jeffery learned was the importance of putting his heart and soul into crafting his artistic creations. He believes his clients can feel the passion he has for what he does.

The entrepreneur also learned that there is no perfect time to start a business; rather, it is important to be able to seize opportunities when they arise.

“When I launched my first collection, I didn’t give it much thought. I also thought there was no harm in giving it a try as I had nothing to lose either. If it doesn’t work, at least I know I tried. he theorized. “Amazingly, [the collection] was well received. From there, I gained more confidence to create more designs! »

And he did, launching a total of four collections in less than a year. For this and other achievements with inisaya, he gratefully thanked his parents, friends and team.

The team’s first bazaar at the Riuh Raya / Image credit: inisaya

In the future, we can expect to see inisaya’s first brick and mortar store. The designer hinted that he intends to develop his own prints, which will not be limited to batik themes, but will also include other Malaysian-inspired prints.

Jeffery’s story is one that shows the result of putting your passion into your work. When it results in a good end product, there will be customers willing to pay an appropriate price and wait for it to be completed.

  • Learn more about inisaya here.
  • Read other articles we’ve written about Malaysian startups here.

Featured Image Credit: inisaya

Pixar Reveals First Details And Concept Art Of “Elemental” https://fewandfar.net/pixar-reveals-first-details-and-concept-art-of-elemental/ Mon, 16 May 2022 15:51:39 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/pixar-reveals-first-details-and-concept-art-of-elemental/

With their next production just weeks away, Pixar has officially unveiled their next project, which is slated for release in the summer of 2023. It’s called Elementaryand it’s directed by Peter Sohn, who previously directed Pixar’s 2015 feature, The good dinosaur.

Sohn himself described the project and its inspiration this way, in a press release:

My parents immigrated from Korea in the early 1970s and built a bustling grocery store in the Bronx. We were among many families who ventured into a new land with hopes and dreams – all of us blending into one big salad bowl of cultures, languages ​​and beautiful little neighborhoods. That’s what led me to Elemental. Our story is based on the classic elements – fire, water, earth and air. Some elements mix, some don’t. What if these elements were alive?

Pixar has also released the first concept art for the film, which shows the fire and water elementals getting along reasonably well:

The concept of anthropomorphized elements is reminiscent of earlier Pixar productions like Upside downwhich transformed the volatile emotions inside a young girl’s head into characters in a brilliant and moving adventure. Upside down was directed by Pixar legend Pete Docter, while Sohn The Good Dinosaur is not considered one of the studio’s best films. This movie had absolutely gorgeous animation; if Elementary can deliver equally thrilling characters and a gripping story, it could keep Pixar on the hot streak it’s been on lately. Soul, Lucasand especially the fantastic Become red.

Elementary will be released on June 16, 2023. (So far, Disney hasn’t specified whether the film will hit theaters or go straight to Disney+ — and with Pixar movies these days, you never really know where they’ll end up. ) The next Pixar production, Light yeara space adventure featuring the “real” version of the Buzz Lightyear character from toy storyhits theaters on June 17.

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Antiques Roadshow guest refuses to sell Titanic survivor’s letter despite huge valuation https://fewandfar.net/antiques-roadshow-guest-refuses-to-sell-titanic-survivors-letter-despite-huge-valuation/ Mon, 16 May 2022 14:44:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/antiques-roadshow-guest-refuses-to-sell-titanic-survivors-letter-despite-huge-valuation/

ANTIQUES Roadshow fans were stunned after two guests brought an incredible moment of history to the BBC show.

Fiona Bruce hosted the episode, which was held at Porchester Castle in Hampshire, and we were introduced to two siblings with a very treasured letter.


Children of Titanic survivor Sidney Daniels appeared on the show

Antiquities expert Hilary Kay spoke with the son and daughter of Titanic survivor Sidney Daniels.

Sidney worked as a plate washer on the famous ship, aged just 18, and managed to survive the disaster.

The guests’ late father managed to keep a letter with him, which had been damaged by water but was still legible.

Sidney’s daughter read the letter, explaining her father’s whereabouts when the Titanic hit an iceberg in 1912.

The letter stunned Hilary, who called it an “extraordinary moment”.

She added that “everything about the Titanic had an extraordinary effect on people.

“I mean, it’s an emotional moment to hold something so connected to such an extraordinary moment in history.”

The expert then got down to business, explaining what they could fetch at auction.

“We’re talking about £10,000, that’s the realistic amount,” she said.

The Daniels siblings agreed the potential £10,000 was a “very nice” sum, but added they would never sell it.

“It doesn’t come out of the family,” the son continued, explaining how he hopes the letter will go to a museum for display.

Hilary replied, “Very good. Glad more people can share this.”

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC One.

Hilary Kay valued the letter at around £10,000


Hilary Kay valued the letter at around £10,000
How much furniture capacity is left south of the border? https://fewandfar.net/how-much-furniture-capacity-is-left-south-of-the-border/ Mon, 16 May 2022 11:23:07 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/how-much-furniture-capacity-is-left-south-of-the-border/

HIGHLIGHT — Mexico’s historic rise in the world of furniture manufacturing is no longer a secret.

Here are some numbers to put the country’s rise into perspective. According to Furniture Today research, Mexico’s furniture exports to the United States grew 61% in 2021 compared to 2020, eclipsing $1.9 billion in market share. With the exception of India and Thailand, which recorded significant increases of 58% and 55% respectively, Mexico’s rise far exceeds all other countries, even surpassing leaders China and Vietnam. more than 35%.

Mexico is still far behind Vietnam and China, whose furniture exports reached $9.1 billion for the year. But his rapid rise to third place is certainly remarkable.

Many vendors have moved in recently, including A-America, Legends Furniture, New Classic Home, and American Woodcrafters, to name a few. Others, such as Marge Carson, Martin Furniture and Whom Home, have taken steps to increase production in the region.

But what capacity is there left in the country for the manufacture of furniture? And what other challenges are problematic for furniture manufacturers?

New Classic is a company new to Mexico, which launched its first products in the country earlier this year.

“Capacity is certainly a challenge for companies that want to come here and start new businesses, because there are very few companies with enough capacity to tackle bigger suppliers or customers,” said Scott Hill, President of Corporate Sales and Marketing. “So you have to position yourself with the right factories.”

Legends Furniture is even newer to the area, having unveiled its first bedroom collection out of the country at the recent High Point Market. The company operates a factory in Arizona and sources from Vietnam.

“Mexico is already at full capacity,” said Tim Donk, vice president of sales at Legends Furniture. “People talk about the ability to bring together secondary factories.

“We are lucky because we have been tinkering for 10 years. We expect a strong push into Mexico, but it’s going to be tough for new business. Frankly, we are already late for the game.

A-America presented its first Mexican collections in January at the Las Vegas market.

“We are already seeing capacity being reached,” said Christian Rohrbach, president of the company. “A lot of factories are completely full. With only 130 million people in the country, it doesn’t have the capacity to reach China’s levels. But having said that, the quality in Mexico is better than I think. thought.

In terms of capacity, the region also plays a role.

“There are a lot of inquiries along the border and inside Mexico, in areas like Monterey, Guadalajara and Mexico City,” said Gil Martin, founder of Martin Furniture.

Martin has been manufacturing furniture in Mexico for 20 years, when he moved his manufacturing facility from San Diego to Tijuana.

“There may be more opportunities inside Mexico than along the border, but the freight to get goods to the US border is high from the south,” he said. .

Jim LaBarge, CEO of high-end Marge Carson, is a veteran in Mexico, having manufactured in the Tijuana area for the past 25 years. LaBarge is less concerned about capacity, but he thinks newcomers will have a harder time than they would have in previous decades.

“I don’t think capacity is an issue in Tijuana,” LaBarge said. “But maybe it’s for companies that are moving in different directions.

“I will say, though, that in Tijuana the cost of construction is very high now,” LaBarge said. “Before, you could always negotiate rental rates. We have a long term lease so that’s fine. By the end of the year, we will probably have to look for a new installation.

LaBarge is far more optimistic about upholstery than cabinetry, as most factories, he says, lack the technical sophistication that Marge Carson required. His main goal now is to find factories that can produce crate items at a high enough standard.

“I have a solution that I’m not ready to announce,” he said. “But it’s still going to take more work.”

Freight problems increase

Freight prices are rising and transportation problems are becoming more frequent.

“Trucking is more difficult when you come from the South,” said Jonathan Bass, CEO of Whom Home and Innova. Bass has been producing furniture in Mexico since 2011.

“From Tijuana to our city, there are five checkpoints. Trucks can be stopped at any time and you must pay for unloading. They are looking for stolen trucks and drugs,” he said. “Guadalajara to Tijuana is $8,000 freight. It’s expensive. And the further you go from the border, the more complicated it is. Proximity to borders is essential. Guadalajara is better if you ship south,” he said.

Hill at New Classic cited rising fuel prices and a lack of drivers as reasons the situation appears to be worsening.

“Freight is increasingly becoming a challenge for people who don’t have their resources online,” he said.

Rohrbach also cited a lack of drivers and trucks.

“While the quality from Mexico is better than I expected, the trucking has been disappointing,” he said, saying that while transportation certainly beats China and other overseas countries, it don’t beat them much.

LaBarge agrees that transportation is difficult but with a different approach.

“It’s hard to get things done,” LaBarge said. “We had a situation where a truck was supposed to arrive but never showed up. Later they said they had a problem. Who knows what was the truth? Now, this could just be due to unreliable people. I am not sure.

“If California allowed Mexican trucking companies to operate more freely, that would help. They only allow one stop for maquiladoras,” LaBarge continued. A maquiladora is a company that transports raw materials from the United States to Mexico and whose Mexican workforce produces the added value. The finished product is then shipped back to the United States

Labor issues

Labor is also an issue in Mexico, mirroring in some ways those currently seen here in the United States.

“Retaining our workforce is a constant challenge,” said Martin. “As we are close to the border in Tijuana, there is so much competition for the available labor. The government also increased the minimum wage across Mexico by 21% on the first day of 2022. This increased our operating costs.

“Workers will go from another plant to a small pay raise,” said Pat Hayes, vice president of product development and design at Martin. “You really need to pay more than the going rate and provide better benefits to keep good workers; otherwise, it becomes a revolving door for training and finding new workers.

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