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A talented artist imagined a new kind of terrible fate for Link from Majora’s Mask by making him a contender on the hit Netflix show Squid Game.

A talented fan has given a new twist to Link’s terrible fate of The Legend of Zelda: The Mask of Majora in a crossover piece that combines the N64 title with the hit Netflix show Squid game. Since its initial release at the turn of the millennium, the game has been re-released several times on Nintendo’s ever-evolving console lineup, and this trend could continue if rumors of Majora’s Mask coming to the Switch are true.

Even if it was the continuation of the series to the classic Ocarina of time, there are many things that separate Majora’s Mask of its predecessor, as well as the rest of the franchise as a whole. The game took on a subtle, but noticeably darker tone, which the series has rarely returned to since. Additionally, the game saw significant adjustments to the series’ gameplay formula at the time, but those changes did not persist in other installments. Despite all these adjustments, Majora’s Mask is held in high regard by a significant portion of Zelda fans, some of whom express their love for the title in various artistic ways.


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A recent example comes from the Twitter user Jasqreat, who posted an image of Link in a terrible fate different from going through the five stages of grief in Majora’s Mask. Instead, Link is now part of the world found in the show. Squid game, although the Happy Mask Salesman is there with him. There are a few cleverly hidden details throughout the piece, such as three Squid game triangles forming to make the The Legend of Zelda Triforce – as well as Link’s competition number # 64.

Work inspired by Zelda franchise encompasses a wide range of different media and Majora’s Mask in particular has spawned some truly unique creations. A lot of them seem to come from aspects of the title that aren’t found in the rest of the series. One fan recently went so far as to create an all-edible cake of a floating Skull Kid wearing the titular face cover.

Number of Zelda fan art is growing exponentially every year thanks to the popularity of the franchise. Fans are already eagerly awaiting the release of Breath of the Wild 2, which is currently slated for an unspecified date in 2022, and its release will likely kick off a new wave of new works from the community. Yet while the sequel to Game of the Year 2017 wasn’t just around the corner, Majora’s Mask and the many other pasts Zelda installments would likely continue to generate impressive works like the one featured by Jasqreate. The series has produced full-length titles for many players, so much so that it will likely be a long time before it goes dark.

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Source: Jasqreat

Shaymin Glitch Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Glitch Unlocks Shaymin Early

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BBC Celebrity Antiques Road Trip: The 33-year-old wedding of Martin and Shirlie Kemp and their even more famous son https://fewandfar.net/bbc-celebrity-antiques-road-trip-the-33-year-old-wedding-of-martin-and-shirlie-kemp-and-their-even-more-famous-son/ Fri, 26 Nov 2021 18:36:28 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/bbc-celebrity-antiques-road-trip-the-33-year-old-wedding-of-martin-and-shirlie-kemp-and-their-even-more-famous-son/

Martin Kemp, 60, is a highly regarded musician and actor known as the bassist for Spandau Ballet and for playing the role of Steve Owen in the BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Given Martin’s success and popularity, over the years he has amassed a large and dedicated fan base who enjoys discovering the details of his life behind the scenes.

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Something that not many people know about Martin is that he’s not the only famous face in his family.

Martin’s brother is legendary musician Gary Kemp, and the couple are known to appear together in the Spandau Ballet.

Additionally, Martin has been married to singer Shirlie Holliman since 1988, best known for her work with the band Wham! during the 1980s.

Martin’s son Roman is also a familiar face on radio and television.

The showbiz bug seems to run in the family, and Martin and Shirlie’s son Roman is a popular radio host known for hosting his own breakfast show on Capital FM.

Roman even entered the popular ITV I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here contest, and came in third place.

Another aspect of Martin’s life that he’s been incredibly outspoken about is his struggle for health in the past.

Martin Kemp has lived with epilepsy since undergoing brain surgery in 1995 and is passionate about raising awareness of the disease.

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Speaking in Health awareness , Martin said: “I live full time with epilepsy – I have been on medication for about 18 years, but with the right treatment epilepsy can be suppressed – and it is with me.

His epilepsy started after surgery to remove two brain tumors: “The things that happen to me after my surgery are the result of bruises and trauma to the brain and thank goodness most of the effects are gone.

“But obviously for a lot of people it doesn’t and they have to live with it every day.”

He continued, “I still have some scars, not just physical scars but mental scars from what happened over 18 years ago.”

Martin Kemp will appear on Celebrity Antiques Road Trip at 7 p.m. tonight (Friday, November 26) on BBC Two

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Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip: Martin Kemp on the more famous son and his 30-year marriage to a popstar https://fewandfar.net/celebrity-antiques-roadtrip-martin-kemp-on-the-more-famous-son-and-his-30-year-marriage-to-a-popstar/ Fri, 26 Nov 2021 18:30:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/celebrity-antiques-roadtrip-martin-kemp-on-the-more-famous-son-and-his-30-year-marriage-to-a-popstar/

Martin Kemp has a long history of his family’s involvement in his success, hitting hard with his brother and lead guitarist Gary as the bassist of the Spandau Ballet in the 1980s.

The Highbury-born star has a long history of working with various members of her family, starting with her brother and ending with her son Roman.

He’s back on UK screens alongside his famous former wife Wham! Backing vocalist and half of Pepsi & Shirlie, Shirlie Holliman on the antiques hunt on Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip this week maintaining a theme that has followed him throughout his career.

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Even after the Spandau Ballet broke up in the early ’90s and Martin became an actor, he collaborated with his brother Gary as they played the Eastern gangsters, the Kray twins, in the 1990 film The Krays.

Martin and his brother Gary with whom he has worked since the very beginning

Martin began to involve his family even more in his work in 2008 when he started his own production company and directed a 20 minute short film starring his brother Gary, his son Roman and his wife Shirlie.

Since then, his son has become more and more involved in his father’s work, with the father Martin happy to play alongside his son.

Martin and Roman would share the screen together in a factual series for Channel 5 called Dangerous Adventures for Boys which was the first time but certainly not the last.

In recent years, Martin has collaborated on several occasions with his son Roman.

Roman, who is also famous for presenting mental health documentaries and hosting Capital Radio’s breakfast show, appeared alongside his famous father on Celebrity Gogglebox and co-hosts a breakfast show on the weekend with him on ITV.

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The duo almost became a double number on television, with one appearing very often with the other.

Roman opened up about his close relationship with his father, telling Hello, “We have one of the best father-son relationships I’ve ever known.”

“I am very fortunate to live in a family where we get along.”

Martin also opened up about his son and how he raised him saying that he and his famous wife were not disciplinarians and always tried to be friends with their children.

He told Hello, “We didn’t sit around the table and talk about being celebrities. It was all about work – and when I see Ro now, he has a fantastic work ethic. “

Martin’s long relationship with his wife Shirlie was also the subject of an autobiographical documentary called Shirlie and Martin Kemp: It’s a Love Story. explores the relationship of more than three decades between the two.

The couple have been together for over 30 years
The couple have been together for over 30 years

The couple married in 1988 and share their son Roman and daughter Harley Moon.

Martin told the Daily Mail the first time he saw his future wife: “I had seen Wham! On Top Of The Pops sing Young Guns, and I couldn’t take my eyes off Shirlie.

“I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had seen. Two weeks later, we were at a VIP screening, and there she was.”

“I gave her my number, but she didn’t call me for three weeks.”

Shirlie admitted she was intimidated by her popstar status, but she finally called and the rest is history.

Martin said: “Shirlie and I met very young, and the key to a lasting relationship is truly true friendship. Shirlie is truly my best friend.”

Both will be on Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip tonight at 7pm on BBC2.

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3 ways VR, AI and IoT will change the way we choose, wear clothes https://fewandfar.net/3-ways-vr-ai-and-iot-will-change-the-way-we-choose-wear-clothes/ Fri, 26 Nov 2021 17:24:24 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/3-ways-vr-ai-and-iot-will-change-the-way-we-choose-wear-clothes/
online shopping
(© Mymemo – stock.adobe.com)

Fashion. On the one hand, it is a colloquial word with a simple meaning – the latest style of dress. On the other hand, there is a whole universe behind this title. Fashion has always been a reflection of the historical period. Whether it is military uniforms or ball gowns, the clothing serves a variety of socio-cultural purposes. Thousands of different trends, multiple Pantone colors, extraordinary styles and unique prints – it’s hard to even mention all the transformations that fashion has undergone since ancient times.

The modern world is also bringing something new to 21st century fashion. In the age of global digitization, innovative technologies are influencing all aspects of human existence, so fashion is no exception. With the emergence of virtual reality, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, clothing has taken on a whole new meaning. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? So if you are interested in the future of smart clothing, read on and together let’s explore this exciting topic.

When did the smart clothing talk start?

Until the middle of the 20th century, clothing had two main purposes: to cover our body and to visually distinguish us from one another. However, in 1966 things changed dramatically thanks to Steve Mann’s study. “Smart clothes”: Portable multimedia computing and “personal imagery” to restore the technological balance between people and their environments. “

In this research, the author presents the concept of smart clothing: “Smart clothing is a step towards truly personal computing and better situational awareness, with less (or maybe no) reliance on it. centralized infrastructure. “

As you can see from this quote, Mann had described this interesting technology long before it became reality. Nonetheless, his ideas seem outdated to contemporary readers, as technologies have evolved faster than he could predict. Therefore, let’s take a more modern approach to this topic and look at it through the prism of trendy innovations, such as VR, AI, and IoT.

1) VR compatible smart clothing eliminates the border between the real and the man-made world

Exchange of information

Is it possible to merge the real with the virtual world in a whole new dimension? From a scientific point of view, this is impossible (for now). Yet smart clothes combined with VR Developments may make you feel like it’s real. Just imagine that a VR headset could send information about the heartbeat and temperature of the person inside the virtual world to the actuators built into the clothes. Thanks to sensory feedback, this haptic technology will allow users to live their virtual experiences through real-life sensations.

Gyroscope and accelerometer

These sensors capture the user’s movement in real life. Thanks to this motion capture technology, it will be possible to guide the avatar in the artificial world.

2) Clothing with AI improves sports performance and makes our life easier

Artificial Intelligence Sportswear

While wearable devices like watches and fitness trackers that measure a user’s vital signs are already in use in the sports industry, smart clothing can offer even more than that. For example, Sensoria offers a wide range of smart clothing for multiple activities, including t-shirts, socks and rugs. With the AI-based in-app coaches built into Sensoria’s clothing, users can dramatically improve their running performance. After all, the detailed analytics performed on the garment-generated data and intelligent AI-generated guidelines not only help users track their efficiency, but also save the time spent on benchmarking performance.

See news, weather and maps with a single tap

Designed for movement, optimized for the city. We’ve updated our iconic Trucker Jacket, incorporating thoughtful design details for active use in the modern city. 150 years of Levi’s® denim innovation meets Google engineering to create this revolutionary garment, with woven conductive Jacquard ™ yarn. The Levi’s® Commuter ™ Trucker Jacket connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth. With a push of the armband, you can control music, filter phone calls, or get directions. A few simple gestures keep you on track, staying in touch and connected. A classic for decades, reinvented for today.

3) IoT in smart clothing

An effective way to prevent sudden infant death syndrome

Sudden baby death is considered a parent’s bad dream. On the pace of this, its causes remain unclear. Most, if not all, parents got up during the night to check their newborn baby’s breathing, including fatigue and difficulty resting. Fortunately, an IoT fabric shirt can solve this problem. Unlike simple baby monitors, IoT-enabled clothing tracks a child’s breathing and alerts parents when breathing is irregular or impeded. For example, a New York-based startup Nanit has created such a portable device for modern babies to help their parents sleep better. According to Nanit statistics, “94% of parents say they sleep better with Nanit”.

A new level of communication

While IoT-enabled smart clothing is typically associated with the clothing’s connection to the wearer’s body, these innovative wearable devices can communicate with the immediate environment as well. Thanks to the built-in transmitters, smart clothes can be recognized and contacted individually. Let’s describe a representative example to illustrate this opportunity: Just imagine that visitors to the basketball game could use their t-shirts to purchase tickets or pre-order VIP seats and drinks.

What is the future of smart clothing?

There is no doubt that smart clothing is an incredible innovation that has just entered its first phase of development. Yet, as VR, IoT, and AI evolve rapidly, smart clothing also has a bright future. While today it is seen as something that is far from reality, it will soon become an attribute of every standard user.

Alina Kutsa story

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Art Exhibitions and Lectures in Denver Thanksgiving Weekend https://fewandfar.net/art-exhibitions-and-lectures-in-denver-thanksgiving-weekend/ Thu, 25 Nov 2021 18:00:00 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/art-exhibitions-and-lectures-in-denver-thanksgiving-weekend/

It’s Thanksgiving weekend, and while there isn’t an art opening party in town, what you can see is very, very tasty. And never forget that art makes a wonderful gift!

Here are some of the serving sizes:

Click to enlarge

Terrell Otey, “Still the Capital of Confederation? Richmond, Virginia.

© Terrell Otey, courtesy of CPAC

Privilege and consequence
Colorado Center for the Photographic Arts, 1070 Bannock Street
From Friday November 26 to January 8
Vernissage: Saturday, December 4, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

CPAC’s 2021 capper, Privilege and Consequence, sets the year we are leaving behind, capturing both turmoil and revelation in the areas of inequality and social justice. Judged by bi-coastal photographer Kris Graves, whose own work uplifts the innate humanity of people of color, the national group features artists who capture moments of protest and its underlying ironies. CPAC continues to prove it is ready for a national opinion; do the organization a favor and introduce yourself, see the show and talk about it.

Click to enlarge Vonalda Utterback,

Vonalda Utterback, “In Other Worlds”.

Vonalda Utterback

Member artists’ holiday market
Firehouse Art Center, 667 Fourth Avenue, Longmont
Saturday November 27 and Sunday November 28 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

A dozen or more local artists and designers will stand by, waiting for small business walk-in buyers on Saturdays and lesser-known artists on Sundays at the Firehouse Art Center. Why? Because an original art gift chosen for a special someone can be life changing during a season when many people are getting gloomy rather than happy. Firehouse also offers gift certificates for buyers who feel less confident in choosing art for someone else; buy one in the gallery store or online. They are good not only for art purchases, but also for course registrations.

Click to enlarge Kai & Sunny, “Fields of Madness”, 2020, ballpoint pen on paper.  - KAI & SUNNY, GALLERY OF BLACK BOOKS

Kai & Sunny, “Fields of Madness”, 2020, ballpoint pen on paper.

Kai & Sunny, Black Book Gallery

I only have to land it once
Black Book Gallery, 3878 South Jason Street, Englewood
Open Saturday November 27 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

The Black Book Gallery is usually only open to the public with one or two events for new shows (or by appointment); this Saturday afternoon is the last call in November to see I only have to land it once, a glorious street-art hymn to skateboarding culture featuring both artist decks and wall art. The show itself runs until December 11.

Holiday market
Michael Warren Contemporary, 760 Santa Fe Drive
From Tuesday November 30 to December 24, open every day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Got an art collector on your list? Michael Warren is transforming into a multi-artist department store, open daily and through Christmas Eve, with works for sale representing the gallery’s diverse stable of art creators.

Click to enlarge James McNeill Whistler,

James McNeill Whistler, “Blue and Silver, Dieppe”, 1880-85, oil paint on panel.

American Art Museum of New Britain

Timothy Standring on “Whistler to Cassatt: The Making of an Exhibition”
Denver Art Museum, 100 West 14th Avenue Parkway
Tuesday, November 30, 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.
Admission: $ 15 to $ 20 per conference

In connection with the new DAM exhibition From Whistler to Cassatt: American painters in France, Museum Curator Emeritus Timothy Standring, who led the exhibition’s curatorial team, is launching a four-session Drawn to France course and lecture series with a breakdown of the curatorial process. He will also answer questions about why American artists began flocking to France in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, before focusing on narrower tangents during the January talks. In-person and virtual options are available. Now is the time to get full course passes (or single tickets); find details online.

Want your event to appear in this calendar? Send details to [email protected].

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John Lewis Black Friday: Best Deals on Airpods, Furniture, and More https://fewandfar.net/john-lewis-black-friday-best-deals-on-airpods-furniture-and-more/ Thu, 25 Nov 2021 11:38:34 +0000 https://fewandfar.net/john-lewis-black-friday-best-deals-on-airpods-furniture-and-more/

The John Lewis Black Friday Sale is the mecca for discounts on electronics, fashion, beauty and housewares.

This year doesn’t promise to be any different – with the department store already offering 25% off womenswear brands like Whistles, Hobbs and Barbour and 20% off house favorites like Le Creuset and Neom Organics. .