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Clermont-Ferrand, a town of around 150,000 in central France, may not have the big draw of the Alps or the Pyrenees, but the region has deceptive driving and a downhill scene to match. . Not only do you have a number of low-key riding spots that offer world-class tracks, but you also have more formal areas such as the Pierron bike park or heavily used Coupe de France racing venues such as Brioude.

So it’s no surprise to see fresh gravity-oriented brands coming from the region. One of these brands at Animoz.

I don’t know if we’re in a post-environmental or just pre-climate-change-armageddon world, but I’d say a brand is almost expected to talk about a good game of sustainability, awareness of climate and green intentions. In some ways, it’s harder than ever to decipher performative and superficial versus serious claims. That said, Animoz at least seems to be making a concerted and sincere effort to lessen the industry’s impacts on the environment.

Instead of vague demands, there are clear policies. For example, 3% of profits go to their Respect Animals program, they use male hemp in their clothing, they use a factory in China that meets the SA8000 wellness standard, and they don’t use any plastic packaging.

When we load our carbon-framed bikes into the back of our diesel-guzzling vans, it might not seem like much, but personally I like the level of transparency offered.

wild pants

It seems odd that it was only a few years ago that pedal-friendly mountain bike pants weren’t really a thing. In my opinion, it looks even stranger than five years later and some brands are still so wrong.

My perfect pants are these – fitted but stretchy pants that are not uniform in width from top to bottom. It should taper towards the ankle, have at least one zippered pocket on the left side for your lift pass, and have enough flex or adjustability around the knee to accommodate different sized knee pads. I also prefer having at least the option of dark colors and subtle branding.

To me, that doesn’t seem to be asking much and, dare I say it, even seems pretty obvious. In this regard, the Wild pants are exactly what I’m looking for.

For my fit (6′ tall, 83kg with a 32″ waist and inseam), I found the size medium to fit snugly in almost every way. However, I was just on the edge for them I like the fit in almost every aspect, but that would be my only criticism.The material, which is 92% GRS-certified recycled polyester and 8% spandex, is quite stretchy though. The Wild pants are available in several different colors.

Details of the Animoz Wild pants
• Well adjusted
• Recycled stretch material
• Three zipped and two unzipped pockets
• Ratchet adjustment at the waist
• Elasticated ankle
• €129.95

They’re not the thinnest pants either, which isn’t a bad thing, but it’s worth noting. I think for fashionistas who wear pants all year round, they might be a little too thick for pedaling. For me though, the thickness is about right. Especially if you ride in the winter months.

The pants have great little features. Two large pockets as well as two other zipped ones on the thighs and a reasonable large pocket on the back. The zipped side pockets are waterproof. I also love the stretch panel behind the ankle which means you can have the best of both worlds: fitted pants that are easy to get on and off.

wild jerseys
To accompany the pants, there are also jerseys in the Wild range. There are long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions that share similar styles and features.

Jerseys tend to work with block colors on the main body and patterned arms. That said, they’re far from garish and I think they look understated and classy. The fabric, again around a 90% recycled polyester blended with spandex, isn’t too thin. For those looking for an ultralight jersey, again, this is not it. That’s not to say they’re too thick, but ultimately on hot summer days there are probably some jerseys I’d look for sooner.

Animoz Wild Jersey Details
• Many colors
• Recycled stretch material
• Zipped waist pocket
• Soft and comfortable, although not the thinnest.
• Elasticated ankle
• €49.95 SS / €59.95 SS

The soft material provides good elasticity and is very soft to the touch. While not cheap at around $40-$50 depending on arm length, it is a well-made piece of clothing that feels like a quality product when you wear it or pass it through your hands. There is a zippered pocket and a glasses cleaner on the hip. I chose a size large and it fits well. There are also many colors to choose from.

wild shorts

The Wild Shorts shares a lot of features with the pants, however, it is slightly different.

The shorts come with a lining and a button closure if you feel you run the risk of them coming apart forever in the wash. They are available in the same colors and with the same technologies as the trousers. Although I’m convinced I’d go size medium in the pants, with the shorts I’d probably go size large.

Not only would this give more room around the thighs where they feel tightest, but it would also reduce the risk of the dreaded gap between the shorts and the pad.

The shorts come with two zipped side pockets and unlike the pants they are not waterproof which I imagine is to make them better in warmer conditions. They do however have the benefit of the rear zippered pocket and they also use the same ratchet system at the waist.

I really like pants and jerseys, both in construction, fit and style, but I don’t really feel the same way about shorts. The shorts are not as thick as the pants, but personally I would still prefer something slightly thinner. If it’s hot enough to wear shorts, I want a fabric that will really help me release as much heat as possible. They have vents, and maybe they help, but I don’t think there is much they can do.

Details of the Animoz Wild shorts
• Slightly smaller sizes
• Recycled stretch material
• Airy fabric
• Could be thinner
• Possibility to include the lining
• €99.95

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