Deedat, the first retail clothing brand to accept the CH17 digital loyalty card


CH17 has rolled out its digital card, the first in retail loyalty, which is expected to change the landscape of “loyalty management” within the retail industry.

Deedat – a popular clothing brand from NOLIMIT and Glitz – will be the first to adopt this new format and it has taken this bold new step to the benefit of its loyal customers, said Jumar Preena, CEO of CH17 Loyalty.

“In the post-pandemic scenario, everything changes in retail and it changes rapidly. Both sellers and customers will need to adapt to meet these new normal challenges. The time spent shopping should be kept to a minimum. The public are advised to take precautionary measures such as avoiding physical contact in any form, such as handling plastic bank cards, or even loyalty or reward cards, as well as making transactions. We won’t be able to eliminate them completely all at once, but we could minimize physical contact as much as possible, ”he said.

“CH17’s digital platform was developed with streamlined registration with no heavy downloads required through our platform provider SmartIdeas. A link to the web browser shows a two-step process, the first being for a one-time registration while the other is to log in. A dynamic and personalized image of the loyalty card will appear during each connection and this image will be flushed out after a few seconds, thus ensuring the safety and security of the card. Very soon we will be offering digital solutions for customers who have multiple plastic cards in their purse. On average, a customer will have at least two bank cards (credit / debit) and a pack of loyalty cards, thus making his wallet cumbersome. These will be a thing of the past, ”Jumar added.


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