Business owners mix talents and create new ‘soft’ clothing line (5 photos)


Sweet B’s bakery and Copper & Oak Designs have teamed up to create a “soft” clothing line just in time for Christmas

Bradford business owners Becca Mueller of Copper & Oak Designs clothing company and Bonnie Aguiar from Sweet B’s Bakery recently collaborated to launch their own line of sweaters and t-shirts with “soft” and smart designs.

Mueller and his business partner Kellie Martin just launched their business last spring and have grown steadily since. Martin is currently taking a step back from the business as she focuses on planning her wedding. Aguiar has been in business since 2012 with his home bakery and opened his storefront, known as “the best fragrant place in town” in downtown Bradford six years ago.

Mueller and Aguiar were in touch earlier this fall when Mueller reached out to Aguiar and other female business owners to see if they would be interested in entering a social media giveaway contest.

“Bonnie was one of the business owners I contacted and I immediately fell in love with her personality,” Mueller said.

Aguiar agreed to enter the competition, where she fell in love with Mueller’s design work, so much so that she ended up ordering a few bespoke sweaters for her staff as freebies.

“And we all fell in love with them,” Aguiar added. “So I approached Becca and asked her if she would be willing to team up with us to create a Sweet B’s clothing line and she enthusiastically agreed.”

“To be approached by one of Bradford’s most beloved companies to work together was a dream come true,” said Mueller. “The fact that Bonnie reached out to my little old man was something really hard to express. Everyone knows Sweet B is here and partnering with them is just an amazing step that makes me so deeply touched.”

This is not the first time that Aguiar has worked with other local businesses to offer a unique product or service.

“You can’t team up with other local businesses,” Aguiar said. “Not only are they your neighbors, the parents of your children’s friends, your coaches, etc., but they will also provide you with services and care that you won’t find anywhere other than locally. “

Sweet B’s currently has a partnership with The flower merchant in town where customers can add sweets to their flower deliveries, Don Cherry’s Sports Grill has the bakery’s signature brownies on their dessert menu, and 3 scoops of ice cream uses their cookies for cookie sandwiches.

In stores, she sells gift items from Custom creations by Katie Cook, cake decorations by Cute t-shirts, and personalized cards by Becca does.

Most recently, Aguiar started selling pickles and preserves made by Zest, a local catering company / private chef.

She also has a few uniform shirts for the staff, made by local companies. Obsessed with vinyl, with fun sayings like “This is how I roll” and “It will work for cupcakes”. Aguiar says she gets compliments about them quite often.

“I had in mind for a while that I would like to sell clothes inspired by baking,” Aguiar said of his recent partnership with Mueller.

The pair exchanged ideas on each other and eventually came up with custom designs. Women so far say the response has been “excellent”, especially from friends and family.

“They are excited to put on cute clothes and show their support!” said Aguiar.

The store is fully stocked for the holiday season and plans to offer new models in the spring “and beyond if they are as well received as we hope”.

“Bonnie and I have worked incredibly hard on the line and so far it seems to be a success,” Mueller said.

There are t-shirts, crew neck pullovers and hoodies available in various colors and sizes.

Regarding partnering with other local businesses, Mueller said she “would love to keep that door open.” She recently partnered with two other local businesses, creating clothing for staff members.

“It’s fun to think about what the future has in store for us and for now, I’m just living in the moment,” Mueller said.

Aguiar says the sense of community in Bradford has always been wonderful, and his goal is to work with as many like-minded local people as possible.

“These companies sponsor your kids’ teams, they work on your last minute orders and they scramble for a living. Keep it in ‘family’ as much as you can!”

The clothes are now available for purchase at Sweet B’s located at 4 Holland St. West, behind Kenzington Burger Bar.


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