Bleach Shares Intense New Art For 20th Anniversary One-Shot


Bleach shared some intense new art for the special one-shot manga released for the manga series 20th anniversary! Tite Kubo celebrated the 20th anniversary of the first launch of his manga series with Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in a very surprising way as the creator returned for an all new unique story set after the events of the main series. . It was only part of the celebration which also includes a brand new anime slated for release in the future properly adapting the series’ final arc, and fans had a lot to enjoy this year as a result.

The one-shot special manga is released digitally in Japan with a few additional new products for fans who catch the extra version, and one of those new special additions is a new cover showcasing new art by Ichigo Kurosaki. Now available on digital tablets in Japan, Kubo’s official Twitter account shared the new cover art for Bleach: No Hell’s Breath while fans get a much more intense glimpse into Ichigo’s situation since we last saw him and his new family after the original ended. Check it out below:

Kubo initially surprised fans by announcing that the creator was returning for a new 73-page story following the events of the original series, but then took that surprise to a new level when it was clear that at the end of it. of the one-shot that Kubo’s series is far from over. The final moments of this new entry had dropped a major match for a whole new kind of conflict coming from the final aspect of the Soul Society universe that hadn’t been explored in the main series, Hell itself. -same.

There is no release window or date set for the sequel to the manga just yet, but fans can still expect a lot more from Bleach with the upcoming release of the Thousand Year Blood War anime. . It hasn’t set a release window yet either, but fans will get a better look at the new series soon at Jump Festa 2022 later this year and hopefully we have a release date as well.


But what did you think of Bleach’s big comeback in manga earlier this year? Would you like to see the sequel to the manga or the anime? Let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments! You can even contact me directly about anything animated and other cool stuff. @Valdezologie on Twitter!

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