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Antiques Roadshow aired a classic episode of the hit BBC show which saw a guest introduce expert Geoffrey Munn with a striking diamond and ruby ​​brooch. The elegant piece, which was a Cartier original from the 1900s, was made of diamonds and rubies. When Geoffrey explained to the guest the special meaning of the brooch and its value, she was overcome with emotion.

The Antiques Roadshow team visited Somerleyton Hall near Lowestoft where the treasures included a bracelet given to Queen Victoria and a box of paint that may have belonged to John Constable.
During the episode, a guest presented Geoffrey with a brooch which he began to admire as it glowed in the evening sunlight.
The guest explained that she inherited the room from an elderly woman she previously looked after.
She said, “I took care of her for eight years and when she passed away she left the contents of her house to me in her will. And among the contents was this pin.”

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The expert was pleased to tell him that the brooch was made of rubies and diamonds and was an “extraordinary collision of two decorative elements”.
“It has a very Chinese look, it’s almost like a lacquer pattern and two palm leaves come out of it and they’re not there by accident as it’s kind of a neoclassical pattern in the palms,” he explained.
“Rubies are Chinese, so there is a kind of collision between ancient Greece and the Far East in a brooch made in 1900, which is very mysterious.
“And the reason why that happened is that she has a message that actually matches your relationship with this lady a lot because this brooch, like so many things we find in jewelry, is a love message – and that’s a very intense one. “


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